Durian Mochi Ice Cream 30g × 4 pcs per box


Item: Durian Mochi Ice Cream

Packaging: 30g × 4 pcs per box

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From appetizers to dessert,

Durian mochi is ideal for a family dessert. Wrapped with soft, chewy, and non-sticky mochi skin and supplemented with delicate durian fillings, and lovable to people of all ages.

-Filled with compact & intense fruit taste

-Fillings are made with real fruit.

-Uses finest ingredients on all fillings

-Smooth and creamy fillings with no crystallization

-Uses high-quality ingredients with a precise method to produce the soft, chewy, and non-sticky mochi skin

To create a different texture, thaw 5 minutes for creamy ice cream profile.

For a Chewy, creamy, and soft mochi profile, thaw for 15 mins.

We recommended defrosting before devouring it to enjoy the smoothest purees and full flavors.